Osgood Unlimited,Inc. offers a full line of business and home network services. We support, repair, or install both wired and wireless networks.

We are fully capable of handling any of your networking needs.

Business Services

Design/Repair: Many times businesses experience network lag and applications slowdown from an improperly designed network. We have many years experience in the field of networking as well as many years working with equipment from companies such as 3com, Cisco, SonicWall, RSA, HP, LinkSys and many others. Our networking expertise allows us to solve your problem right the first time. We can handle any kind of network issue whether you need an addition or you need trouble shooting and repair. We can also handle a completely new installation for you from start to finish. No job is to big. No job is too small. Contact us today for help!

Security/Remote Access: Osgood Unlimited, Inc. can setup up remote access and security to meet your businesses needs. Our experience working with products from companies such as RSA, SonicWall, and many others allows us to install and configure many different solutions to meet any security or remote access needs you may have.

Residential Services

Speed: Did you know that many routers commonly available today are not powefull enough to provide you with the full potential speed of your network and internet connection. Get the most out of your internet connection and home network. Let Osgood Unlimited, Inc. provide you with a professional grade router at a residential grade price. Whether you play games or simply surf the internet you will be amazed at the speed increase gained from a high end router and a properly installed home network.

Security: Did you know you may be held liable for any illegal acts committed with your unsecured wireless network? Keep your internet connection free from theft or vandalism! Keep your personal data safe! Let our technicians install and configuring that wireless or wired router for you today!

Day and Evening Service Available
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